TPC Sawgrass ‚óŹ Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
March 12-17, 2019
Program will end on March 1, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

What is THE PLAYERS Chip in for Youth program?
Chip in for Youth, in its fourth year, offers schools, youth sports leagues, youth-related charities, school PTOs, booster clubs, athletic teams, and clubs an opportunity to raise unlimited funds by promoting the sale of a PLAYERS Championship ticket product.

Who can participate in the THE PLAYERS Chip in for Youth program?
Youth sports leagues, youth-related charities, schools, school PTOs, and qualified middle and high school athletic programs are eligible. Youth sports leagues and private schools will need to provide proof of organization’s non-profit status in the form of a 501(c)(3) determination letter to be eligible to participate.

How do I sign my organization up?
Go to and click on Registration. After registering, you will receive an email confirmation and program information and materials. You will also be assigned a promotional code for your organization.

What is the purpose of the promotional code?
You will receive your code via email after registering for the program. When you direct your supporters to go online to purchase PLAYERS tickets on the Chip in for Youth website, they will enter your organization’s code so that your organization gets credit for the ticket purchase. After the start of the program, customized codes can't be accommodated. However, customized codes can be requested for the following year's program.

Can each group or team within our organization get its own code?
Yes. If you would like to keep track the sales generated by each individual group, you can list the groups individually when you register. Then, we will assign each group its own unique code.

Is there a minimum number of tickets that need to be purchased?
No, there is no minimum number of tickets – your organization starts earning $30 per ticket on the first ticket purchased on your behalf.

What kind of ticket will we be promoting?
Participating Chip In organizations will promote the sale of a Good Any One Day Stadium Pass. A Good Any One Day Stadium Pass is a one-day ticket to THE PLAYERS which can be used any one day during the week, including the weekend.

How much will the ticket cost?
The Good Any One Day Stadium Pass will be sold for $55 (NOTE: A daily competition round Stadium Passes starts at $60 to the general public and is day-specific).

How do we raise funds through this opportunity?
For every $55 ticket purchased on your organization’s behalf, you will receive $30.

Is there a bonus for the organization that sells the most tickets?
Yes! The organization that has the most tickets purchased on its behalf will receive a $10,000 bonus. Second place will receive a bonus of $5,000.

How do we sell tickets?
There are two way your organization can sell tickets. You can consign actual paper tickets from THE PLAYERS and sell them directly to supporters, or you can direct supporters to to purchase online. Consignment tickets must be requested at least 24 hours in advance of pick-up.

How are ONLINE tickets purchased and fulfilled?

Tickets can be purchased online via Ticketmaster by visiting You may put a link to this website on your organization’s homepage if you wish. This website includes additional information about Chip in for Youth, a list of participating organizations and promotional codes, and a link to a dedicated Ticketmaster page. Once on Ticketmaster, supporters will need to enter your unique promotional code for your organization to benefit from their purchase. The tickets will be print-at-home tickets so there will be no fulfillment necessary on your end.

What forms of payment for online purchases are acceptable?

All online orders must be paid by credit card payment at the time of purchase. There are no invoices issued and no partial payments accepted. MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express are all accepted.

How are tax and handling fees accounted for?
Sales tax and a handling fee will be added to the transaction at the time of the online purchase.

How will you track the online ticket purchases?
Purchased tickets will be tracked by THE PLAYERS ticket office. We will periodically post the current
sales totals for all organizations who have had tickets purchased on their behalf on the Leaderboard page of the Chip in for Youth website.

How are CONSIGNED tickets purchased and fulfilled?
Your organization may come to THE PLAYERS tournament office and take out a consignment of tickets. When selling the tickets, the ticket purchaser will pay your organization directly. As a non-profit organization you may sell the tickets for $55. On or before February 22, 2019, your organization must return to THE PLAYERS tournament office to pay for the sold tickets in full ($55 each), and return any unsold tickets.

When can I start promoting tickets and when is the purchasing deadline?
Tickets are available for purchase starting September 10, 2018. The final date to purchase tickets to benefit your organization is March 1, 2019.

Can I promote the Chip In program on my organization’s website?

Can you also purchase a parking pass online when you purchasing Chip In tickets?
Yes, but this will be a separate transaction than a ticket purchase. Parking information will be available on the tournament's website ( Parking passes are sold either by specific day or for the entire tournament week. There is not a good any one day parking pass option. Parking is not available on-site, so please make sure supporters plan their parking in advance. PLEASE promote to your supporters that four or more in a vehicle receive COMPLIMENTARY parking in THE PLAYERS General Parking Lot!

Do you need a parking pass to park at the tournament lot on CR 210 every day?
Parking passes are NOT required Tuesday or Wednesday. Parking passes ARE required Thursday through Sunday. HOWEVER, four or more passengers in a vehicle receive complimentary parking in THE PLAYERS General Parking Lot off of CR 210. Also, parking passes are not available for purchase on-site.

What is the Youth Ticket Policy at THE PLAYERS Championship?
All youth ages 18 and under are admitted free of charge with a ticketed adult. Anyone over the age of 18 must have a ticket to enter the tournament, but may accompany an unlimited number of youth free of charge.

When should I expect to receive my check for the money my organization earned?
Per your participation agreement, you will receive a check for the amount raised within 90 days of the completion of the tournament.

Who do I contact if I have questions not answered here?
THE PLAYERS tournament office:
Courtney Davis | | (904) 273-3484